Oh! My Goddess!

This picture is in celebration of Women’s beauty, it comes in a myriad of shapes and forms and looking back in time, there is a goddess for each of them.

The big figure is based on the Venus Figurines from days when women were venerated for their curves and their power to procreate. The angel is rather stunted, unconventional and full of fun just as an angel should be! Mary is there to encapsulate the sweetness of women, but she is made of paper and likely to dissolve at any moment, so don’t bank on her sweetness unless you treat her with honour. The party girl is on the edge ready for action, just below the surface in us all, with our desire to reach out and make connect with others. Liberty represents ultimate freedom to plan, dream and think what ever we like.  Like a fish we are able to be flexible and change direction at a moments notice.

These goddesses and more, are there within us – see them sitting at your table, each ready to respond when you call on them. Remember not to send your party girl for an interview!

We can be all of these facets of ourselves at the drop of a hat.