Working the sen lines on the legsThai Yoga Massage
£120/2 hours
07813 307 025
The massage is conducted fully clothed, on a wide floor mattress, the body is stretched and pressure is applied to unblock the energy points.
Deep release and increased mobility are experienced. As the body is put into positions based on Hatha Yoga the flow of energy increases and a sense of invigoration is experienced. Traditionally, Thai Massage lasts for over two hours, shorter options are available.
Thai massage is dynamic and powerful treatment giving a deep sense of release both physiologically and psychologically.

Indian Face Massage
As the cranial nerves lie close to the surface of the skin, face massage is profoundly relaxing. The mind is calmed and the routine thought processes we play out are quietened. Pressure points are stimulated and light, soothing strokes are used. No oils or creams are needed for this treatment. Most clients fall asleep and awaken with a lightened heart. In addition to noticing a brighter appearance they also report that their sleep is improved and their concentration enhanced. Over time, as muscle tension is released, lines and habitually held expressions soften. 

Before treatment
Do not eat, or drink caffeine for at least an hour before treatment

Wear warm, lose, comfortable clothing

After treatment
Most clients experience a sense of calm, a smoother range of movement, relief from pain and a sense of lightness and clarity. Lucinda encourages her clients to develop the ability to heal themselves and find balance in their lives. She is happy to advise on diet, posture and exercises for the body and face to help her clients maintain the benefits of the treatment between sessions. 

Drink plenty of water to support your system in removing toxins.

Frequency of treatments
Most clients have monthly treatments, booking regular sessions for maintenance rather than waiting until they are in desperate need. Many have weekly sessions for about a month to begin with.

Thai Yoga Massage is traditionally practiced in the temples and is considered a sacred practice carried out in a meditative state and with careful attention given to the intention of transmitting loving kindness. Massage gives you the chance to take some nurturing time for yourself, away from the usual pressures of life, to reflect, rejuvenate and be more connected to the deeper aspects of yourself.

P1020767My approach
I have twenty years experience with body work and teaching yoga. My background is in Swedish and Thai massage and I am able to tailor treatments and classes according to the needs of the client.
My style is to work deeply to relieve the source of muscle tension and move to a profound relaxation to enable clients to integrate the treatment.

Healing qualities
Relaxation enables the systems of the body to find balance and helps people experience good health both physically and mentally. Thai massage is a comprehensive, full-body massage that works deeply on the whole being. Massage encourages you out of your mind and into your body; an over-active mind can make it difficult to relax and enjoy life. Massage helps calm the thought-process and allows you to experience joy more readily. Thai Yoga massage combines massage and yoga and integrates the whole being.
It is enormously beneficial for those who spend hours at a computer; those involved in physical activity that may put strain on certain muscles and joints and those who experience stress that makes them unconsciously assume protective postures. 

Physical pain is debilitating in many ways and known to cause depression over time. When we are pain part of our attention and energy is used to ignore it. It becomes difficult to become fully engrossed in our day-to-day lives, sleep can be affected and gradually we become exhausted.
Pain can be caused by structural problems, tension in the muscles and mental and emotional stress. There is an interconnection between these that massage helps to unravel. Relaxing the muscles releases pain, enables the body to realign, and the mind to let go.
Massage works on everybody, if you have never received a massage you will be amazed by the way it works on all levels of your being. The more experienced you are, the more deeply you will be able to surrender.

1995 Swedish Massage

2001 Brussels Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
2002-3 Earthways Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
2009 The London Centre of Indian Champissage
2011 Aki Omori Teaching Restorative Yoga
2013 Yoga Alliance 200 hr Yoga Teacher’s Training
2014 Teaching One to One Yoga, Kate Ellis
2015 Yoga London 100hr Teacher Apprenticeship Module
2015 Energy Body – Endocrine System and Chakras in Asana
2016 Emergency First Aid
2017 Chakras and health – Lisa Sanfilipo
2018 Chakras and Emotion – Anodea Judith
2018 Yoga – Building Emotional Resilience – Jess Leith
2019 Yoga Teacher’s Emergency First Aid
2019 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training, India, Himalayan Yoga Institute

Massaging Pingala and Ida energy lines on the back“Being massaged by Lucinda is a unique experience. She manages to invigorate, soothe and restore, not only the body, but the mind, soul and heart – magical.
Susan Ramos, Social Landlord, Lettings Officer

“Lucinda’s anatomical knowledge surpasses anyone else’s I’ve ever been to for massage. This allows her to focus on the problem points, working this into the whole process. I have serious back pain and massage by Lucinda is the only source of relief for it.”
Melissa Keeley-Bennett, PA

“A dynamic approach, a deep rapport and personal connection, comforting, spreading it out after a zingy point. I was transported to another plane”
Judy Rumbold, Charity worker

“I feel great. Slept brilliantly. Woke up at 7.30 without an alarm, feel fantastic.”
Ifor Ashton, Computer Animator

“A flow of dynamic energy, in tune, I really liked being moved around, like being a child”
Tessa Gaynn, Homeopath and Kinesiologist

“Excellent massage, full of loving kindness”
Cath Waller, Massage Teacher

“I feel absolutely aware of my body. The massage made me reflect about myself and step out of where I was before.”
Monika, Film Studies Teacher