I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga to all levels of students in groups and one-to-one, as well as being one of the senior teachers on the Yoga London faculty, taking trainee teachers through their 200-hour yoga teacher training.
I run monthly Restorative sessions in Bloomsbury, please contact me for details.
I write and teach the Yoga London CPD courses in Mastering Props, Mudras and the 500-hour How to Teach Restorative Yoga
I give healing bodywork in the form of Thai Yoga Massage as well as being an Artist.  
I am based in Central London.

You can contact me on 07813 307 025 

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 22.54.42Filmed interview for Yoga London

Film of Advanced, Tantra-based Teacher Training in India

1995 Swedish Massage
2001 Brussels Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
2002-3 Earthways Institute of Thai Yoga Massage
2009 The London Centre of Indian Champissage
2011 Aki Omori Teaching Restorative Yoga
2013 Yoga Alliance 200 hr Yoga Teacher’s Training
2014 Teaching One to One Yoga, Kate Ellis
2015 Yoga London 100hr Teacher Apprenticeship Module
2015 Energy Body – Endocrine System and Chakras in Asana
2016 Yoga Teacher’s Emergency First Aid
2017 Chakras and health – Lisa Sanfilipo
2018 Chakras and Emotion – Anodea Judith
2018 Yoga – Building Emotional Resilience – Jess Leith
2019 Yoga Teacher’s Emergency First Aid
2019 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training, India, Himalayan Yoga Institute

Art work
I make Art to express my thoughts and ideas.
My starting point is anything that I find myself turning over in my mind. Lyrics, Dreams, Poems and Radio 4 are all sources of inspiration for me.
My singer songwriter friend Jennifer Noxon has inspired a couple of pieces from her lyrics, for example my piece “We Fix our Smiles” comes from her brilliant song ‘Springtime in Paris’.
Our Big Men came to mind while I was listening to an article about the Palestinian’s and had a sad sense of the world becoming homogenised – the soul of multi-culturalism being gradually eroded. I had one of the first Palestinian Authority stamps that I had bought on
a volunteer programme in the West Bank and had been looking for an honouring context in which to preserve it. I used a portrait of Ehud Olmert to symbolise one of “the big men”.
I have always had a tendency to find the tiniest objects precious and have gathered a myriad of treasures around me. As the collections grew I wondered how I could create a place for them that demonstrated the meaning I placed on them. They each have a voice in my work, communicating different aspects of the topic I’m exploring.


The meaning is not always clear in my work, each piece has a strong atmosphere that leads the heart and mind on its own little amble. My work often initiates connecting conversations with my clients as we explore what it evokes for both of us. It is a link to something deep that our busy lives often don’t leave space for and people hang my work in their living spaces to bring them back there.Lucinda at work
Once all the components have been assembled, my work is carefully glued and stitched into place. I have become something of a glue expert. My work is held in private collections in Europe and the U.S. and permanently in

Art Teaching
Each summer I teach Art on a Yoga Retreat in Crete. People come year after year to practise Yoga and re-connect with their creativity, some for the first time in decades
As ex-Head of Art at More House School and an A-level moderator, I continue to teach GCSE and A-level Art and Textiles on a 121 basis. Guiding students through the production of their coursework and helping them develop their technique and ideas.

See more of what I like and what inspires me here
and contact me on 07813 307 025