We Fix Our SmilesWe Fix Our Smiles

This assemblage is a humorous look at how people bury their pain and put on a bright smile for others.  We

become heroines and heroes when we do this, it often arises naturally from a desire not to offend and not to create a bad atmosphere and we learn to do this as we grow up – repressing parts of our personality, which then become inaccessible. Jung called this the shadow complex. Not to acknowledge that we do this can be dangerous. This image to remind us that there are sometimes sticks of dynamite and murderous intent below the surface – while we apply lipstick, sip tea and in the past had a puff of nicotine.

It is for that heroine in your life who keeps things together and the sense of liberty and freedom that can arise from remaining the person you aspire to be in the face of all sorts of dramas.


Springtime in Paris


They wave us through after miles and miles

We wipe our eyes and fix our smiles

Yes sir, I’m here seeking a brighter part of day

You know I’m moving on


They say that its springtime in Paris

When the cherries bloom

They say that the Seine will rise

To greet you in the afternoon

And that a threadbare heart

When bathed in the light of a blue moon

Will love again


Jennifer Noxon (1958 –