Orange DreamsRadiant Baby DreamerDaydreams allow us to bring down the barriers of the mind, to relax with our imaginations and play with our creativity. Daydreaming is indispensable to the mind, a moment to stand back, drift and shift gear. It is when the mind is able to make new connections and work through things; it is essential to the creative process. Think of Archimedes in his bath; relaxation allows the brain to do its thing.
I make reference here to the symbols of a Native American hunting shawl in the British Museum, used in rituals to allow the hunter’s mind to shift zones in order to connect with their spirit guides, represented by animals. These animals are the steeds that lead the mind to unknown places.  I also use symbols found in Indian temples, which represent allowing the self to transcend the everyday.
Daydreaming is an essential element of getting anything done, never stop your child from doing it – as far as I’m concerned, staring out of the window is all in a day’s work.