This image encapsulates the development of the qualities of the archetype of the Goddess Artemis. The story starts in the bottom right corner with the meek rabbit – the shapes around her symbolizing the energy flowing inwards. There is a gradual expansion and emerging sense of freedom as you move up to the left of the image.

The golden bow and arrow, given to Artemis by her father Zeus, represents shooting for one’s dreams, following one’s intuitive direction through life. Artemis asked for eternal virginity, representing her desire to stay true to herself, being unswathed by the conventions of society.

The woman drawn to the qualities of this archetype will be unable to compromise her deep sense of her own values. She will follow her own wisdom, represented by the ancient symbol of the snake – worshipped in Ancient Crete as the guardians of female mysteries. She will find liberation and strength in developing a life based on manifesting the inner and this will help her feel whole. Following her heart will give her much to celebrate.

In ancient Greece, the worship of the Goddess Artemis was connected to the ritual observation of the movement of Ursa Major, the Great She-Bear in the night sky, who’s tail points to the polar star and indicates the changing seasons. Just as the Artemis woman charts the changes in her own natural evolution – being true to her inner nature, she has a clear vision of the course of her life.

Artemis is a free, feminine spirit, the more you find out about her the more you awaken her courage and enthusiasm for life in yourself.