ImageThe quote ‘La lune ne garde aucune rancune’  (The moon doesn’t hold any resentment) comes from Rhapsody on a Windy Night, by T.S. Eliot (1888 –1965), one of my favorite poems, written in 1911.

It is a melancholy poem that flows through someone’s memories. There is a sense of something hopeless and rather grim, but the moon has lost her memory and with it all sense of resentment. Whatever happens, whatever we do, the moon comes up and reflects back the light of the sun, smoothing out the hair of the grass, bearing no grudge,

The words have a special rhythm in French. Try saying them a few times and you won’t forget them!

This got me thinking about resentment and what I learned in the Cost Process at Resentment takes a lot of work; we have to stoke the fire, repeat the story to ourselves, add to it and if we can enroll others into it all the better! But beware, while we wallow in a mire of our own making, our sense of self is sapped, our creativity shrivels, our energy is used up and we become exhausted, our health suffers, we are awoken in the early hours and all our relationships become tainted.
When we forgive our spirits soar, we feel liberated – with enough energy to get a pig to fly! Joy returns to our souls and the magic of life is suddenly apparent again. Possibility, gratitude and creativity are restored.